Miranda Sings Covers “Starships,” Performs Magic and Introduces MirandaCon at VidCon 2013

  • Miranda from Miranda Sings answers the questions fans have been asking the most. Hear her reveal how she got so famous (it’s basically because she’s always been famous), show off her magical abilities and, yes, perform her signature song, “Starships.” She’s also joined by fellow YouTubers, Mitchell Davis, Jack and Dean, and Lohanthony.

    On the subject of twerking, Miranda has her strong opinions. “It’s really dirty and porn. I don’t do that kind of dancing,” she says. “I do Miranda twerking.” Her #1 twerking tip is “don’t be porn.” Thankfully, she shows us how it should be done.

    People are also yearning to know just how they can become as famous as she is. The answer? “You can’t. Because you weren’t born with it,” she says. “Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Miranda.”

    It seems like next year, we should scrap VidCon and just have MirandaCon! “If I was planning my own convention, it would be a convention of myself,” Miranda says. “So, it would just be big blow up dolls of me. I would do a lot of shirts and outfits like myself.”

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