Vitaly Talks Getting Arrested And Beat Up While Pulling Viral YouTube Pranks

  • Vitaly joined Bart Baker and Shira on set to talk about his viral prank videos and the grueling process that goes into making them.

    When put on the spot, he jokes that the secret to making a viral is to “Try to get beat up in every video … You get punched, you get more views.” But then he gets serious with us again. “It’s not like that. I don’t know, just creativity. I film like 500 reactions and choose the 10 best ones.”

    He’ll typically shoot 7-8 hours at a time for about three days and chop it all down to one little viral video.

    For his recent, terrifying Friday the 13th prank, Vitaly says he had 5 days of shooting. “I wanted to bring a horror movie to life, and it worked!”

    His advice for beginning YouTubers? “Awkward and clean, that’s what YouTube likes.” But he doesn’t even follow his own rules. “I’m vulgar. I’m rated R. But I’m transitioning to PG … sike!”