YouTube Music Awards Artist of The Year Preview with Doug Armstrong and Fun For Louis

  • Doug Armstrong and Louis Cole chat with Shira Lazar on What’s Trending Live in London about the YouTube Music Awards Artist of the Year category, featuring some huge names from mainstream pop and YouTube stardom!

    “Something I’ve noticed for a while is this kind of slow merging, of like this is no longer YouTube from years ago that’s kind of been all amateur,” Louis says. “And what I love about the Music Awards is it’s all merging now. It’s all on a level playing field and everyone’s getting involved.”

    Huge YouTube stars like Epic Rap Battles of History are represented among the biggest names in pop in this category, but wait, where’s Lady Gaga? “I feel like she kind of had her time,” Doug says. “I mean, I love her. She has great music. But she’s kind of died down a bit.”

    Vote for your Artist of the Year and tune in on November 3 for the YouTube Music Awards!