The Brothers Riedell Dish On YouTube Music Awards Breakthrough Artist Nominees

  • Chris and Nick Riedell chat with Shira Lazar on What’s Trending Live in London about the YouTube Music Awards Breakthrough Artist!

    With talent like Kendrick Lamar, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Naughty Boy, Passenger, and Rudimental, this is a crazy topic to judge, but we think the Riedell Brothers are up for the challenge.

    “I definitely would have to say Kendrick,” Chris says. “He’s the only one to kill it.”

    Shira seems to agree! “This was Kendrick’s year,” she says. “I love Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, but Kendrick is still continuing the wave of really impacting his genre right now.” However, they both think that Macklemore’s career has the most potential for longevity. “I feel like he has the ability to kind of morph with – he’s just really creative. He’s not going to be creating the same sounding stuff in a few years.”

    In terms of who they’re constantly listening to, though, the Brothers are quick to praise Chester See. “He’s a businessman who sings,” Nick says. “And acts, and is extremely handsome!”

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