Steve-O Dishes On His Grand YouTube Plan and Drug Smuggling Adventures In Sweden

  • Along with being famous for his “Jackass” shenanigans and movie appearances, Steve-O has finally found a home on YouTube. So, what’s that all about?

    “It’s so great to have graduated to YouTube,” he jokes. “I really love it, being able to control – just do whatever I want and serve it right up straight to the people. I think I went about it in a very calculated and clever way, by collaborating with greats like Vitaly and Roman Atwood and Bart Baker.”

    Of his big YouTube strategy, he says it really was planned up to a point, and then the rest he owes to good luck. And people are loving it. Within 21 hours he had over 121,000 subscribers, and now he has over 1.5 million!

    He says bluntly, “I’m the perfect kind of personality for making YouTube videos. I deal in short attention span theater. I do wild things.” Those wild things may have gotten him a few slaps on the wrist, but he’s still staying strong! “I should be gone,” he says, “but I’m not!”

    Steve-O also shares his story of that time he got arrested for international drug smuggling in Sweden. “I started out in Norway, and I put a bunch of hash and pot into a condom, tied it in a knot, and I swallowed it,” he says. “So, I’m choking on it at the airport in Norway […] and I was puking up blood, and everyone was like, ‘Dude, you gotta go to the hospital,’ and I was like, ‘No, no, no!'” So, he flew to Sweden and confessed that he thought he was going to die of intestinal problems. Eventually, he was ambushed by undercover cops. But he’d already smoked all the weed! It didn’t stop them from finding his ecstasy pill, though… Classic Steve-O story.

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