Amber Riley On Dealing With Bullying and Chasing Your Dreams At TrevorLIVE 2013

  • On Sunday, December 8, our own Shira Lazar and Tyler Oakley hosted the red carpet for The Trevor Project‘s “Trevor Live” gala – the 15th annual, star-studded event that raises awareness and funds for programs that help LGBTQ teens in crisis.

    Fresh from winning “Dancing With The Stars,” “Glee” star Amber Riley joins us to chat about her journey through bullying, and how to persevere through hard times.

    “Everybody’s been through it,” she says to the viewers at home who may be struggling with issues of their own. “But look at me. I made it. I’m 27 years old and I thought the world was going to end at 18. And it didn’t. So, keep trucking. Keep going.”

    For those looking to get into that “iffy” business of show, she says, “Audition, audition, audition. Go to as many parties as you can, shake as many hands as you can … work on your craft and your gift, and your gift will make room for you eventually.”