Nintendo, Dan Harmon Fired, and Colbert on Maxim 100: Like or Dislike

  • Dave only likes turning your Nintendo DS into a GPS for your car if you have road rage and can “shoot red shells at some one as they cut you off.”

    Sal thinks Dan Harmon deserved to be fired because “he pushed the envelope too far.”

    Sal, also, recommends to everyone that they should follow Dan Harmon on Twitter because “anything you wish you could say, he says…and than some.”

    Shira, personally, invited Dan Harmon to join her on What’s Trending to talk about what happened and what he’s playing to do next.

    Sal likes the decision to put Colbery Maxim 100 because “he’s one of the most important people in our culture. I don’t watch the news, I watch him and Jon Stewart. I learn more from comedy news than I do from real news.”

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