Twitter Has Not Been Able To Stop Talking About Steve Kornacki’s Khakis

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It’s safe to say stress is pretty high as we wait for the final results of the election to come in. People are looking for anything to temporarily distract themselves while we wait. MSNBC‘s Steve Kornacki has been the talk of the internet for a lot of reasons but a big concern has been his pants. It appears as though Kornacki has not changed his khakis since Tuesday.

Steve Kornacki has been reporting the numbers of the votes on the “Kornacki Cam” since Tuesday. While people admire how much he has powered through this, others are concerned the poor man needs a break. Twitter has been nonstop talking about Kornacki calling him ‘Map Daddy’ and #chartthrob. Although all the tweets about him have been pretty funny, the tweets about his pants have been hilarious.

Steve Kornacki

NBC News and MSNBC’s national political correspondent seems as though he hasn’t had the chance to rest since Election Day. He is at the ready in front of his election map crunching numbers and giving updates as he gets them. 

Kornacki tweeted out when he was on his way to the studio and said he wasn’t going to leave until the results were final. People are thinking he took that tweet a little too literal being as though he hasn’t seemed to change his clothes since Tuesday. 

A spokesperson for MSNBC did address the concerns over Kornacki’s sleep on Wednesday morning. “He has not slept since he was on ‘Morning Joe’ yesterday.” He was told to take a break which just so happened to be his FIRST break. Poor guy must be exhausted.

His colleague Ali Velshi tweeted out also addressing the concerns, “For those of you #TrackingKornacki he’s been at it for more than 12 hours. I’m going on to offer relief (I clearly can’t replace him) by touching the big board sometime after 6aET. That is, IF he will leave and get a nap.”


He did relieve Kornacki for a little bit to give some updates on the numbers coming from the last few states. Velshi was joking around with Ari Melber, an MSNBC anchor, saying that he was going to be “doing his best Kornacki,” and that they have “forcibly removed Kornacki from the building. He’s in a room with a pillow, blankets, and warm milk.”

Although, Velshi replacing Kornacki for a little bit did cause some talk on social media. People expressed their concerns about him being gone. Sure, we can all want him to take his much-needed break but we also don’t want to watch anyone else reporting with the map.

Kornacki’s Response

Before the election craze started, Kornacki was speaking in an interview with GQ and spoke about how he keeps up with the workflow. He noted that he drinks lots of Diet Coke to keep him going. “I couldn’t even tell you how many. It’s just sort of a constant supply.”

“On a normal day, I’ll have a couple. But on election night, I just keep it nearby and I’m just kind of regularly using it,” he continued.

Twitter users started asking what it is that is keeping Kornacki up and even enthusiastic every time he appears on camera. But he said that the results coming in keeps him motivated to keep going. The adrenaline from everything going on makes him forget to stop and eat. However, he finds that food makes him lose that energy.

In a video on MSNBC’s Twitter, Steve Kornacki thanked his fans for supporting him. He said that he had left the studio and he appreciated all of the nice messages he has seen on social media.


Twitter Talk

Twitter has created all sorts of hashtags for Steve Kornacki. He is now being referred to as ‘Map daddy’, ‘Chartthrob’, and ‘Korsnacki’ after fans have developed quite a crush on the correspondent. He seems to have become a national obsession.

People all over social media have asked if he has been able to take a break as he powers through these election results. There have been obsessions over his love life, sleep, and his signature wardrobe…Kornacki’s khakis.

His producer found out that his khakis come from Gap. It is a very specific color so many have been able to tell that it is the same pants. The only question was…are they the same pants or multiple pairs of the same pants?

Some have even referred to his now signature look as his superhero outfit. This has caused users on Twitter to start the hashtag #freeKornacki and #trackingKornacki to get MSNBC to make him take a break and change his clothes.

Something tells me that he’s gonna need a lot more than a nap and a change of clothes after this election.

CW: Offensive language

And He’s Still Going 

Steve Kornacki is still going strong. He has taken a break but it looks like he’s sticking with his khakis. Kornacki is getting more popular by the second. People admire his excitement to get these results. He did decline the option of a chair because he thinks that if he sits he will probably fall asleep. This was something he confirmed on Jimmy Fallon.

Results for Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Georgia are still coming in. Right now, Joe Biden takes the lead in all three. Until the final results are in, we will continue to be following the results while #trackingKornacki as he keeps us updated on the election!


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