Stormy Daniels Chooses Trump’s Dick From Mushroom Lineup on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Stormy Daniels comes on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about her affair with Donald Trump, her book "Full Affair", and more.
By Alex Firer

It’s been a few momentous weeks since Stormy Daniels revealed that Trump’s dick looks like Toad from Mario Kart (specifically from Mario Kart?) as part of a revelation in her soon to be released memoir, “Full Disclosure”. Now, Stormy Daniels goes on Jimmy Kimmel live to discuss revelations from her literary opus that happens to include Trump making strange excuses for why he feels condom use is beneath him. In the clip below Stormy reveals the suprising items Donald Trump kept in his bathroom, why she went through, how Trump strung her along with empty promises of The Apprentice, all accentuated with a game Sarah Paulson staring in shock at every revelation.

Stormy talks about how Donald Trump invited Stormy Daniels to dinner and approached her wearing black silky pajamas, which Stormy describe as a significantly less sexy Hugh Hefner, and Stormy made the now president of the United States change out of his weird pajamas. The dinner itself never happened, which is a shame because, as Stormy says, she’s very food motivated, and feels lied to, and credits that due to her being “easy prey”.

Stormy makes a big revelation: the magazine she spanked him with wasn’t Forbes! And then Stormy offers to show Jimmy Kimmel just how she spanked Trump, by spanking Kimmel with her book on national television. Kimmel does so, and then hopes that the president is watching an echo of his weird sexual encounter on national television.

The biggest reaction from both the audience and Sarah Paulson comes from what Stormy Daniels found in Donald Trump’s bathroom. Weird enough that his various metallic grooming objects were gold, but even weirder was the wide collection of Pert Plus and Old Spice, which explains his weird hair situation.

The highlight came when Stormy chose an orange mushroom from a line up that best resembles Trump’s dick, and the mushroom that Stormy chooses is a veritable “nubbin”, as Sarah Paulson puts it. Fantastic.

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