Stranger Things Corn Maze, Ten Miles Wide, Appears in Indiana

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If you’re an experimental artist, trying to make your voice heard, trying to make your vision recognized, remember: you’re until unless you promote a streaming series! In the past we’ve written about the conversation starting, surreal exhibit where only the social media famous were allowed to take photos in front of a specific mural. That was meant to promote the Go90 program “Like and Subscribe”, and just as you may get lost in the meaning behind a mural that is meant to promote only the elite few, you may now get literally lost in the latest wonder of the world that was made to promote a television show: this massive corn maze in Lafayette, Indiana that from above looks like the poster for Stranger Things 2!

Just as you may get lost in the labyrinthe tales of Mike, Eleven, Joyce, Hopper and occasionally Dustin, so too may you get lost in twenty acres and ten miles of that delicious yellow stuff. We’re talkin’ corn! Exploration Acres which created the maze, gave an interview where CEO Tim Fitzgerald explained how he said: “new technology [that] allowed us to plant the maze design like an inkjet printer, dropping seeds into the precise design we imagined.”

Hold on… mysterious technology? Indiana? Netflix, what kind of fire are we playing with, here? Haven’t you watched your own show? You can’t allow mysterious technology to turn Indiana into a haven for its unholy experiments? Netflix, as punishment I will fly down into your maze and eat all your corn. Get ready. I am a corn munching boy who is a big fan of streaming television and munching corn. Get ready.

Actually, what’s curious is that Netflix never even signed off on this. This is not an official promotional product. Exploration Acres made this as a labor of love, and in the past have created mazes that act as homages to the 1960’s, America, and the concept of extremely smiling farmers and cows.


Everyone, please meet me in the laser printed Demigorgon foot. I will be there eating my favorite food (all the corn).

What do you think of the big maze? Would you get lost in the big maze? Or are you smarter than the big maze? Let us know in the maze of the internet (the comments) or the maze of social media (Twitter) at @WhatsTrending

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