can school be cancelled actually?

It’s August, which means students are going back to school, and rules are not being followed. Even though we are still in a pandemic, some high schools have fully reopened. Students have been posting videos and pictures, which shows a lot of people not following COVID guidelines.

Many Tik Toks have been posted by students on their first day back at school. This user posted a Tik Tok saying that she was only one of a handful of students wearing a mask.

Also, students are going to Twitter to post pictures of students close together in hallways. Pictures seen in the video above are from a county in Georgia. There are only a few people wearing masks in these pictures, everyone is shoulder to shoulder in the hallway, and the desks aren’t far apart at all.

These pictures posted of the high school in Georgia went viral fast, but this didn’t sit well with the school administration. Hannah Watters, the student who posted the photo was suspended.

This story has gone viral and has been covered by many news sources. Hannah says that she wanted to show what was going on inside schools while they reopened and to educate people.

Brian Otott, the superintendent of the school district responded and said, “wearing a mask is a personal choice and there is no practical way to enforce a mandate to wear them”

A lot of people have used these Tik Toks and photos to point to when saying that going back to school full time in person won’t be the safest idea, so people are thanking Hannah for posting these photos. A tweet says, “Congrats Hannah Watters for speaking out, you have a voice, and you used it”

Also, people are criticizing the superintendent’s statement on how mandating masks is hard. A tweet says, “can’t make students wear masks but if they see a skirt an inch too short they’ll move heaven and earth to correct that. Re-examine Pauling County in 3 weeks”

Hopefully, schools that haven’t opened up yet can look at these photos and look at their plan to see if it will actually work and to maybe not suspend students from posting a photo.