“They log it and do nothing, and I feel helpless.”

Twitch streamer, SweetAnita, is fearful about her online stalker and she’s not the only one. Now she is asking her fans for help using #stopstalking after feeling like the police aren’t doing anything to protect her. 

#StopStalking Video

SweetAnita uploaded a video on Monday called, “How Can I Stop My Stalker? Please Help!” which quickly got the attention of her subscribers as well as her fellow streamers. 

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In this video, she said that she has gone to the police several times but didn’t feel like they took her seriously. She continued by stating, “The police response has been incredibly underwhelming. After he assaulted me, I had a witness. I had a lot of evidence and the police did nothing. They eventually felt pressured to do something after everyone was kind enough to start tagging the police on Twitter and kind of getting upset with the UK police for not acting.”  

Many other Twitch streamers have come forward to share their experiences with online stalkers in her video. 


SweetAnita is a popular Twitch streamer who has been very open to her viewers about the stalker she has been dealing with. Back in July, SweetAnita posted a tweet that didn’t quite sit well with anyone. 

The Twitch streamer shared an article talking about women in the UK who are killed every year by stalkers and domestic abusers even after reporting them to the police. The article stated, “Our data reveals that 55 women were killed in the three years between 2015 and 2017 despite reporting their killers to police for threatening behavior prior to their deaths.” 

Anita’s tweet stating this isn’t the first time she has been stalked…and it won’t be the last. 

In a Twitch Stream video, Anita claims that outside of harassing her online, he has also stalked her at home. In this video, she continues by stating that he has slept outside her house and physically assaulted her. Referencing a time when she had to run away from him after he followed her to a shop. 


XChocoBars is another Twitch Streamer who has communicated her feelings about her online stalker of over two years. She tweeted out a morbid tweet that had fans concerned for her safety. 

This fan couldn’t imagine dealing with that situation. 

While others express their anger with the system. 

In SweetAnita’s video, XChocoBars explains her stalker has made multiple accounts to attack her character. She feels bad talking to any guys because she wants to protect them. She spoken to lawyers to see if anything can be done but they’re expensive. The streamer stating, “I’ve given up a long time ago um I think– think I gave up when the police or the authorities just like said they couldn’t do much um because that’s who’s supposed to protect us you know.”

Twitter user, Disguised Toast, tweeted apologetically about her situation.

While being interviewed for SweetAnita’s video, XChocoBars expressed her concern in making this information public saying, “I really do hope this video helps because I also do worry and know that like this might fuel their–their I don’t know creepy I don’t even know the word for it but if it will like help twitch or open the eyes for other people then it’s worth it.”  


Destiny, who’s also part of the Twitch community, talks about how he’s been dealing with these issues since 2016. He has received death threats as well as threats to his family. The streamer said people have even gone as far as sending false tips to the FBI about him.  After going to the authorities several times, Destiny eventually gave up. 

He goes on to say, ”Second and third time I talked to the FBI, I tried to be a little bit more candid about what I did because it seems like as soon as they figure out like what I do for work they just don’t care anymore.” He finished by saying the conversations didn’t go anywhere. He felt that they didn’t care at all.

Online Stalkers 

Online stalkers aren’t anything new. Several users have come forward to share their encounters with stalkers. The question is what are the police doing about these situations? The Twitch streamers feel like there is nothing that can be done about the situation. Many explaining they can’t see the police doing anything about it unless something happens to them. SweetAnita explained she has gotten a restraining order but her stalker breaches it all the time.

Charlie D’Amelio, a famous TikTok star, has also had multiple threats from online stalkers. Her family quickly hired security after receiving numerous threats and even pictures of someone standing outside her house. An Instagram influencer, Lovely Peaches, posted a video saying she paid a 30-year-old man to rape the 16-year-old influencer.

SweetAnita finishes the video by saying she loves making content but she shouldn’t have to lose her life for it. She’s asking her viewers to get involved using the hashtag #stopstalking. The response has been overwhelmingly positive as viewers show their support.

Do you think the police can do more to help in these situations? Should platforms be held accountable for taking proper precautions to help prevent this from happening?