Taylor Swift finally has the power to authorize others to use her songs

2020 has been a tragic year, and who do we have to blame? Apparently, a love story.

Ryan Reynolds directed the new Match.com commercial, which tells the love story of “Satan” and “2020” as they navigate a vacant city – due to COVID-19 – in a romantic montage.

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Sneak Peak of Taylor Swift’s Re-Recorded ‘Love Story’

But the commercial would not be complete without some complimentary music, and Ryan Reynolds knew just who to call, Taylor Swift.

On November 1, Swift officially began to re-record her first five albums in order to obtain full rights to her old music, and she has already re-recorded her classic 2008 hit ‘Love Story’ from Fearless. Reynolds and Swift thought this commercial would be the perfect opportunity to give Swifties a preview of the new ‘Love Story.’

Today, Swift shared Reynolds’ commercial on Twitter and clarified that she is not done re-recording all her albums but is working hard to release music soon.”

When Swift announced that she would re-record her old music, some wondered if she would remaster them close to the original version or put a new twist. From the preview, it seems that Swift is going in the direction of re-recording them pretty close to the original – though her voice sounds more mature than when she recorded them as a teenager.

Twitter Reactions to the Sneak Peak

After this announcement, Swifties rushed to watch the Match.com commercial and loved hearing a re-recorded version of the long-lived Taylor Swift classic.

Many are commenting on the irony that the first re-recorded song they heard is also the first song they ever heard from Taylor Swift over 10 years ago.

Another ironic fact is that ‘Love Story’ was  #1 on the charts this same day in 2008.

To detect the conspicuous differences between the 2008 and 2020 versions of ‘Love Story’ Swifties have edited the two versions side by side.

One user even made an edit where he replaced the old audio in the original music video with the new re-recorded version of ‘Love Story.’

Some are commenting on their love for the bizarre relationship between “Satan” and “2020” all because of ‘Love Story’ playing in the background.

Also, Twitter users are interpreting this move by Swift as showing off her full control of her new music by allowing a commercial to use her song, which she was not able to do before.

Though the re-recorded ‘Love Story’ sounds similar to the original, many claim that this song has a new meaning. When Swift originally recorded the song, she was searching for her “Romeo,” but she has now found her “Romeo” in British actor Joe Alywn, whom she has been dating for about 3 years.

Why is Taylor Swift Re-Recording Her Music?

Swift originally decided to re-record her first six albums after Scott Borchetta sold Big Machine Records to Scooter Braun last year. When the label was sold to Braun, Swift had already moved to Universal Music Group and Republic Records as they offered her full masters on all her future albums. Because Swift is not in charge of the rights to her first six albums, she was angered to learn that her adversary, Braun, had received the rights to her music through buying Big Machine Records. Unfortunately Swift had to learn about the sale through the media and was not informed prior to the deal.

Last year, Swift announced that on November 1, 2020 she would be legally allowed to re-record her first 5 albums, and she would do just that to receive full rights to the use of her most iconic songs.

Recently, Swift’s music videos and album art were sold once again without her knowledge to a private equity company Shamrock. Shamrock had reached out to Swift before their deal was leaked to the media, but Swift was once again frustrated with Braun as he did not give her a chance to bid on her own music. However, Swift was willing to work with Shamrock until she learned that Braun would still be profiting off of Swift’s old music for years. In a letter to Shamrock, she explained her concerns and told them she would not contribute to Braun’s interests and will still be going forward in re-recording her old music – devaluing the ownership of the previous recordings.

Although we just got a small snippet of the first re-recorded song, Reynolds’ commercial ignited excitement among Taylor Swift fans as they await for more re-recordings to be released.

What song do you think will be released next?