Bride demands her fiancé marry her on the spot during his shift at Target

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A woman in a wedding dress takes an officiant and a bridesmaid to her fiance in Target to demand that he marries her or she is ending the relationship. Two videos of the situation went viral on TikTok and viewers aren’t quite sure how to feel about the encounter.

Video Produced by Henry Kueppers

Part One

The first part just shows the woman in a wedding gown walking around a Target in Las Vegas. In the video, you can see another person filming her as she walks down the aisle…well, the shopping aisle. 

Part Two


The second part shows the woman confronting her fiance about getting married. “We’re getting married right now or I’m leaving, I’m out. I’m done if you don’t marry me this second,” she told her fiance while he was working. In the video, she said that they had been engaged for two years and she was tired of waiting. 

She saw people filming her but didn’t seem to mind while she talked to the camera. The person filming cheered her on. The woman spoke to the camera explaining, “Hi guys, I’m just finally making him commit, you know. Like we’re getting married now, or, like, it’s over.” 

The bridezilla came with more than just her determination. She came prepared with a posse. Along with her was a bridesmaid who was also dressed up along with a pastor she brought to officiate. 

The video ends with the couple heading to go outside. The man asked his fiance if they can talk about the situation outside and she said okay as they made their way to the door. 


Not only were someone the people in the store entertained by this little incident but the internet as well. The videos got over 5 million views on TikTok but the videos quickly made it’s way all over social media. 


With so many prank videos and reaction videos, it’s hard to tell what bizarre things are genuine these days. It’s so common to see people do things for an audience these days a genuine reaction isn’t exactly your first insist. That being said, there were viewers who feel that the video was for attention and not a real situation. Others were quick to point out that the relationship doesn’t seem too healthy. One comment on TikTok saying, “I don’t know if this is real, but if you have to force someone to do something then they are not the right person for you.” 

The whole incident was strange and unlike anything most people will see on a regular visit to Target. So, of course, it led to a lot of good posts on Twitter. Some were supportive, some were mean and others were just…confused.

This user on Twitter couldn’t believe the woman did this while her fiance was working.

Another man called the wedding video a, ‘modern shotgun wedding.’ 


Unusual Wedding ‘Destinations’ 

Target bride isn’t the first person to try to get married in a store. In fact, there have been lots of weddings in unusual places from stores to restaurants to a cemetery. Yes, you read that right a cemetery.

This couple had their wedding in a cemetery which seems a little bit dark for the happiest day of your life.

This lovely couple had their wedding in Taco Bell. Who needs wedding bells when you have Taco Bell, right?

Whole Foods was the perfect place for this couple to tie the knot. The benefit of getting married in a Whole Foods store is that your guest can pick their own meals. You would find me in the ice cream aisle!

The Ultimatum

The ‘Target bride’ told the camera she was ‘shaking’ while leaving to speak to her beau. As of now, neither the couple, the bridesmaid, or even the priest have been identified. However, this is just one of many mysteries surrounding this surreal event.

For example, many are questioning how calm the bride was when she saw other people filming her. She didn’t get frustrated or yell, she was very indifferent to it all. Additionally, the reaction of the fiance was…strange. He seemed to be in shock, but some wonder if he’s simply a bad actor. Regardless, he is clearly heard saying, “Could someone have told me about it?”

Regardless of whether or not it was staged, real, or a TV show prank, there is one final mystery that everyone really needs to know…DID HE SAY YES? 

Did the Target couple get hitched and live happily ever after in aisle 9G? Or, will they be taking their business and relationships to Walmart? Whether or not it was the way she intended it, this Target bride did end up walking down the aisle.

Video Created By:
Henry Kueppers

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