When life gives you snow, make water.

Just a couple of weeks ago, President Biden declared Texas to be under a state of emergency as winter storms swept through leaving a thick blanket of snow on the state and causing electricity shut-offs and the pipes to freeze. Texans are struggling to keep warm as power companies have shut-down lights, and heat in order to avoid an expensive crisis down the road. As of four days ago, over 70 people have died from the freezing temperatures and inability to get warm. With no end in sight, the people of Texas are getting creative.

The Height of Creativity 

TikTok-er, @bmoye22, has been documenting life in Texas on the platform including her latest post that has gone viral on the app with over 4.5 million views and 800 thousand likes. In the popular post, in the midst of dying her hair bright, neon pink, her pipes froze over and she lost access to running water. For anyone who dyes their hair, they know this is an absolute nightmare, to not be able to rinse the dye out. With no tap water, but an abundance of snow, the TikTok-er knew exactly what to do- melt some snow.

The video takes users through her thought process from putting in the dye, to realizing the pipes froze over, to melting some snow over the stove. She captioned the video with “When Texas water pipe freeze and you just dyed your hair.”

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#foryoupage #fyp #ohno #familytimefun #transition #texas #hair #snowflake

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Comment Section Humor

@Bmoye22 has a lot of fans in her comments, and they are hilarious responding to her circumstances.

Chiara commented “At least it wasn’t bleach,” and we would have to agree. Bleach would have been a absolute catastrophe. Goodbye, hair!

Janifa followed with, “at least it wasn’t gorilla glue,” in reference to the last major TikTok scandal when a woman confused Gorilla glue with Gorilla hair gel.

Dom responded to the video saying, “This is the premise of a logic and reasoning question on a standardized test,” and she is not wrong. We have definitely seen scenarios like this on the school tests.

TikTok user, Expresso self, was in full support of the viral video writing, “Never in my years have I seen or heard of something so ridiculous yet smart before. I’m highly impressed right now.” We are as well!

Plenty of other comments were filled with people who commended her on her smart and fast thinking, as they would not have thought of it themselves.

@Bmoye22 has posted other videos on her page like how she brushes her teeth with a bottle of water:


This week has given me Iraq and Afghanistan vibes and I’m over it!!!! #soldier #snowstorm #tired #ineedwater #texas

♬ original sound – Naiii

and even dancing in her driveway in the snowstorm:


#foryoupage #fyp #Texassnow #texasweather #stormuri #mychild

♬ original sound – olivia dady

We got to hand it to her, as she is making the best of a frustrating and unprecedented situation. Imagine being in a pandemic, then being tossed in the middle of a freak snow storm that caused water and electricity shut-offs? The people of Texas are incredibly brave and our hearts are with everyone struggling.

How are you getting creative in this time of crisis? Are you in Texas right now? Let us know in the comments.