The UK Have Created New ‘Relaxed’ Rules for Those Trying to Obtain a Visa

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The UK have announced that they are going to create new rules for Visa applications, which should be more ‘relaxed’, so that international students are able to study in the country for cheaper and longer. However, the decision has excluded India, and the controversial decision has sparked debate amongst many.

It is not quite clear as to why India has been excluded from these new rules, whilst countries like China and the Maldives are being accepted. Students who come over to the UK from India pay a lot of money to study in the UK and are the second largest foreign group to study there too. UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, has suggested that the reasoning behind this is because there are too many ‘illegal immigrants’ from India who have come over to the UK without the correct Visas, therefore this is why the decision has been made. But with many Indian students coming to the UK to study highly professional degrees, such as doctorates, the decision may possibly deter their career options.

Under the new rules, it will allow foreign students to enter the UK to study, for longer, cheaper and easier, as the level of documentation required will also be reduced, and over 26 countries have been accepted for the new rules. Even though the Indian Government has asked the UK for a more welcoming attitude, it has been refused again, and the number of students who are set to study in the UK will continue to decrease like it has done since 2010.


Some people have even suggested that the decision will also backfire for the UK, as this will now cause bad relations with India, therefore they may make certain deals difficult for the UK.

Although, the decision is relatively new, and if the UK and India can come to an agreement that works well for both of them, then the new rules around Visa applications may include India as well.

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