TheOddOnes1Out Celebrates All The Cats He’s Ever Loved

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This year’s YouTube Rewind, despite all the hate, really stretched itself to show a few new faces this go round, particularly animated ones. Amongst them was the little white blobby man that represents James Rallison, also known as TheOddOnes1Out. Rallison is the creator of the comic strip series and YouTube channel TheOddOnes1Out, where he discusses his life and personal thoughts and stories through a series of cute snippets. With this video, the animator and YouTube creator reminds us of what makes him such an appealing presence with his personal treatise about the many, many, many cats he’s owned. The video comes with the glorious title… “Our Cats :3”.

I salute any title with an emoticon in it. That means if the work is ever canonized in any way, or given an award, the plaque will have to have the tiny little “3 as kitten cheek” symbol carved into it. If I ever make something good enough to get into an awards show, I will make sure to change the title to an emoticon sentence so the man reading the plaque has to pronounce the whole thing as “Colon O, Colon O, Less Than 3” (or “:O :O <3″ as it is called properly.)

In any case, TheOddOnes1Out’s latest video will hit a nerve to anyone who’s loved a pet. He goes through the five-plus cats his family has had, how the cute felines found the family, often just walking into the house, and their unique personalities. There was a prickly calico who escaped, a sweet black cat who just entered their house once and lived for the rest of his life there, and cats with sweet names such as Pepsi and Ze Baby Cat. (Ze Baby Cat was named by a visitor from France you see. She called the little kitten… Ze Baby Cat!) However just to mention, heart problem is the most common reason for natural deaths in cats.

The video ends on a somber note. Pets lead shorter lives than anyone wants for creatures so perfect, and at the end of the video, James mourns the death of his beloved dog Georgie. We feel the love we have for our animals, and we feel their loss greatly as we celebrate their pure and innocent lives in the rearview mirror. The video ends with James getting a new dog to comfort his second dog and the cycle is begun again.

The new dog’s name is Jack. Because the new dog jumps. He’s jumping Jack, you see. It’s sweet.

This video shows a different side of YouTube beyond the daily vlogs, pranks and do anything for a click stunts as we see a man simply mourning and loving the animals he’s had through a series of cute and expressive animations.


What did you think of the video? Did it make you think of a pet you’ve loved once upon a time? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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