Concerts, parties, and brunch are closer than ever...

Just this morning, pharmaceutical company, Pfizer, in collaboration with BioNTech, announced a new vaccine for Covid-19, and it is over 90% effective in preventing Coronavirus. According to Pfizer’s website, “This means we are one step closer to potentially providing people around the world with a much-needed breakthrough to help bring an end to this global pandemic.”

The United States was especially hit hard this past Summer, when we lost over 230,000 people to Coronavirus. For the last 8 months, we have bunkered down in our homes, worn masks everywhere, sanitized the top layer off our hands and many people have been out of work. We have FaceTimed our loved ones to prevent the spread, and have sacrificed many things in order to return to our normal lives as soon as possible.

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When It Will Become Available 

When the news of the vaccine broke, many people rejoiced. Scientists are projecting that we will be back to our pre-covid lives as soon as Summer 2021 as the vaccine will reach the general public around April 2021 and to at-risk Americans and first-responders by February, according to Time Magazine.

Memes Are Here too

While we celebrate the potential of a better future, Twitter users were quick to follow the news with memes about having to get our Summer bodies back before next Summer and they are hilarious.

Dana, we feel this mood too. I can taste a Piña Colada and smell the ocean already.

Conspiracies Are Circulating

Remember the anti-maskers who though this whole Covid-19 pandemic was a hoax and a political agenda to mind-control Americans? Well, they have strong feelings about this vaccine too. Since they did not believe Coronavirus was real, they now think that the vaccine is a microchip being inserted by the government in an effort to control us *insert major eye roll.* But people are not going to let the Karens and Kevins of the world try to keep people from getting this integral vaccine, in fact, it has become quite laughable on Twitter.

Trump Taking All The Credit

Remember being in grade school, and one member of your group project would disappear until the day you turned it in, well that is Trump right now. The man who neglected the American people and mislead them for months on end, which led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, now wants the attention turned back on him for release of the vaccine when he made many Americans lose trust in science.

He posted this to Twitter this morning saying “Vaccine Coming Soon. Report 90% effective. Such great news!” And Twitter has a lot of feeling following the tweet.

This Twitter user expressed all of our frustrations perfectly in this Tweet saying, “You can’t have it both ways— you either believe in science, wear masks and work toward a vaccine or you don’t listen to medical and scientific experts, don’t wear masks and have a super spreading White House that treats this pandemic like a hoax”

Exactly, Tabitha. “How could there be a vaccine for a supposed hoax?”

Donald Trump Jr. decided to join the coversation on Twitter and tweeted out, “The timing of this is pretty amazing. Nothing nefarious about the timing of this at all right?”

CNN’s John Harwood decided to put an end to the misunderstanding in a short but impactful tweet reading out, “no, nothing nefarious. science.”

Twitter user, Lacey, just wants everyone to be grateful that lives will be saved.

Summer 2021

Despite the controversy, we are just excited to know that the future is looking brighter thanks to the hard work of scientists and doctors. By this time next year, we will hopefully be celebrating the holidays with our family and going back into the office for work.

Will you be getting the vaccine? Do you have any hesitations? Let us know in the comments.