The former NBA star is completely open about the darkest parts of his life, including...

Lamar Odom, ex-NBA Champ and former husband to Khloe Kardashian, is out now with a new tell-all memoir to address his infidelity, drug addiction, and other past demons.

Odom, whose split with Khloe was finalized in their December 2016 divorce, spent the next two and a half years on his book Darkness to Light, available now.

In it, the former NBA star is completely open about the darkest parts of his life, including his frequent cheating on Khloe and the drug overdose that saw him fight for his life in a Las Vegas hospital in 2015.

“When you’re a professional, and you’re an athlete and you’re addicted to drugs, you become a professional liar,” Odom said on The View while promoting his memoir.

These days, though, Lamar is determined to set a better example for his kids: Lamar Odom Jr. (17) and Destiny Odom (21). He’s signed on with Ice Cube’s Big3 professional league and has begun producing his own brand of CBD oil and vape pens, Odom 7.

The Kardashian clan hasn’t endorsed, or even read, Lamar’s book, and no one in the family has commented on it publicly. But some sources speculate that they might be worried about the fallout of another Lamar Odom scandal, given some of the details he put into the book.

Namely, Lamar recounts one incident in which Khloe – along with mom Kris Jenner – found him in a motel room with multiple strippers, and was so enraged that she grabbed one of the women.

“She didn’t think I even remembered that story,” Lamar told The Jenny McCarthy Show, laughing about the event. He claims Khloe isn’t upset about the anecdote and that their recent conversation about it was “friendly.”

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