"No uterus, no opinion!"- Rachel Green

This morning, people everywhere took to Twitter to thank a very important component of their lives– birth control. The hashtag #thxbirthcontrol has been trending as the fight to keep birth control accessible and affordable has been on the minds of everyone with a uterus over the past four years under the Trump administration. Twitter users took to the platform to show their appreciation for the contraception and to show their support to make it as accessible as possible.

President Donald Trump recently nominated Amy Coney Barrett as our new Supreme Court Justice, just weeks after the death of Ruth Bader-Ginsburg. The notorious RBG, as millennials labeled her, consistently fought for women’s rights during her several decade career in the Supreme Court. Amy Coney Barrett, on the other hand, has time and time again shown her support for anti-choice organizations, and pushed to criminalize IVF. Her nomination felt like a slap-in-the-face to women everywhere, especially after losing a woman who spent her life dedicated to breaking the glass ceiling for women.

Today’s support for birth control pushed to keep the contraceptive accessible.

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Planned Parenthood posted on their Twitter today, “Millions of people have used birth control to plan their families, finish their education, and pursue their dreams. Today, we say “Thanks, Birth Control!” for everything birth control makes possible. How has birth control helped you? #ThxBirthControl.”

Tammy on Twitter said, “Let’s say it together: Birth control is basic healthcare. It helps put women in charge of their bodies, their careers and their lives. #ThxBirthControl.” We are saying with you, Tammy!

NARAL (National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League) tweeted out, “most adults in the U.S. agree that every body deserves the freedom to access birth control. It’s not controversial–it’s basic reproductive healthcare. #ThxBirthControl.”

Different Purposes, Same Mission

Yes, people use birth control to not get pregnant, but the purposes of birth control go much further than the pill’s initial purpose. Some people suffer from conditions that are treated with the pill.


For people with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), periods are not just run-of-the-mill painful, but can be excruciating, nauseating, and cause severe acne and hair growth. Birth control helps regulate hormones and ease the symptoms of PCOS, a miracle for thousands of people.

Twitter user, Samantha, took to the platform to show her appreciation saying, “Happy #ThxBirthControl Day! Forever grateful for my BC that manages my PCOS & enables me to live my life period-pain & baby free!”

Jamy wrote on Twitter, “#ThxBirthControl I have severe PCOS which makes my periods extremely painful!!! And while I cant take normal birth control due to two blood clotting disorders, I have the mirena iud and while I do get more cysts and ruptures it’s still made my life far better!!!”


50 million Americans suffer from acne. The skin condition typically appears because of hormone imbalances and can be difficult to treat from a topical level. Birth control helps regulate those hormones, just like with PCOS, and can be a relief to those with severe conditions. Many acne-sufferers celebrated their  new lease on life thanks the contraceptive.

Twitter’s Lex showed off her clear skin with this tweet saying, “Whether you deal with acne all month or just around your period, birth control may be able to help. I know it did for me! #TheBirthControl”

Natalie took today to celebrate her life on birth control tweeting out, “I don’t have to battle painful, frustrating cystic acne every single say and I don’t have two periods a month and I don’t gain weight seemingly overnight like I used to. Oh, and I don’t have kids. #ThxBirthControl”

And are you all ready for this transformation? J wrote “friendly reminder that birth control is not only used for preventing pregnancy. But also for acne, painful periods, irregular menses, pcos, endometriosis etc!” Just look at her glow!

Unwanted Pregnancies

While many use birth control for medical ailments, some women are just not ready for kids, or do not want [any more] kids, and that is totally cool too! In fact, it is nobody’s business but their own on how and why they choose to use birth control. People do not owe anyone an explanation on what they do with their bodies.

Dr. Raegan thanks her birth control for allowing it the ability to plan her family and career.

Thousands of Twitter users came forward with their success stories with birth control and hopefully enlightened others.  Remember that unless it’s your uterus, it is none of your business!