Looks like there's still some work to be done with this one.

Concerts and live events have been put on hold because of the pandemic but with the vaccine underway, people are wondering how these events will be held in the future. After Pfizer announced the efficacy rate of the new COVID-19 vaccine, Ticketmaster had reportings of the post-pandemic regulations that are being worked out. It seems as though the possible regulations have been proven to be well…highly unpopular.

The Potential COVID Policy

Ticketmaster hasn’t officially released the plan. The plan is still in the development phase in anticipation of the end of the pandemic. There are three parts to the plan including third-party health information companies and distribution providers of COVID testing and vaccine.

If the plan is approved, after buying a ticket, the person would need to show proof that they have been vaccinated or tested negative for COVID-19 within a 72 hour period before attending the event. The vaccine would provide about one year of protection from COVID-19.

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Once that is done, a health pass company could verify the ticket holder’s COVID-19 status to Ticketmaster. After the verification, you would then get what you need to get into the event. Ticketmaster wants the testing or vaccines taken care of before the event and not have on-site testing.

Ticketmaster president Mark Yovich stated, “Ticketmaster’s goal is to provide enough flexibility and options that venues and fans have multiple paths to return to events, and is working to create integrations to our API and leading digital ticketing technology as we will look to tap into the top solutions based on what’s green-lit by officials and desired by clients.”

Ticketmaster is going to rely on digital ticketing to limit the resale of tickets or transfer. They also plan to utilize a SmartEvent system. The system helps manage social distancing, contract tracing, and delayed entries. The regulations will be followed by health officials and event organizers. The event organizers may also set their own regulations for things like sanitation and mask compliance.

Ticketmaster’s Response 

After reports of Ticketmaster’s potential COVID policy, people have been complaining about the regulations on social media. In response, Ticketmaster has denied the reports that fans will be required to get vaccinated or provide a negative test result before coming to an event.

In a statement, Ticketmaster said they are still coming up with a plan and have explored the possibility but essentially there is nothing set in stone. “We are not forcing anyone to do anything,” the statement said.

The reports came out after Pfizer announced that the coronavirus vaccine in preliminary testing was 90% effective. The announcement gave hope to many but especially to the live event industry. The industry has been shut down and will likely not return until well into 2021.

Ticketmaster’s statement continued, “Ticketmaster does not have the power to set policies around safety/entry requirements, which would include vaccines and/or testing protocols.”

They work with event organizers and have stated that it is really up to the event organizers themselves. “Ticketmaster continues to work with event organizers on all COVID safety measures and it will be up to each event organizer to set future requirements, based on their preferences and local health guideline,” they clarified.

The company is exploring many options to ensure that attendees can enjoy live events safely.

People’s Reaction 

Although people welcomed the idea of getting back to doing things like going to concerts, others were quite offended that Ticketmaster would require something like that.

Everyone’s safety is the most important thing when it comes to returning to live events however, what is an appropriate way to carry that out. Mandatory masks have already proven to be an issue with some people so it’s not a shock that this is also seen as problematic.

Stacey is ready to take the vaccination now.

This user agreed they’ll do whatever to be able to go to a concert.

Other users found the potential policy to be too far.

This person teasing that Ticketmaster will probably charge you extra for it.

A Def Tones fan just wants her refund with the news of this potential policy.

This man pointing out that even though Ticketmaster said they won’t force anyone, it will still be a requirement to be allowed at the event so it’s basically the same thing.

Alexis took a poll with her followers. So far, 66% of the people that answered said no.

Future Plans

The SmartEvent platform has already been put into action but the testing and vaccination policy is still being discussed. They are exploring multiple options to make sure people are able to safely attend these events. Mark Yovich added, “Ticketmaster’s goal is to provide enough flexibility and options that venues and fans have multiple paths to return to events.”

It’s going to be tricky to ensure that everyone complies with their new COVID-19 policy but if it does become mandatory in the future it is clear that there will be people seriously against it. What do you think? Are the potential new regulations crossing a line or do you think it’s exactly what people need to be able to return to live events?