Another year older, but are we really another year wiser?

Tiffany Trump celebrated her birthday in style, complete with a no-mask party and tons of criticism.

Birthday Party

Donald Trump’s daughter, Tiffany Trump, turned 27 this week and no one is surprised by how she celebrated. Instagram stories from the other night showed that Tiffany Trump was out partying for her birthday in Miami. These videos look like the world is back to normal.  No one is wearing a mask and they are all inside and close together, which shouldn’t be happening since we are still in a pandemic. 

Those in attendance of the party included Tiffany’s boyfriend, Michael Boulos, as well as David Einhorn and Aris Nanos. None of whom were wearing masks. 


Tiffany has been getting a lot of backlash for how she celebrated her birthday, which encouraged the hashtag #ByeTiffany to become trending on Twitter. 

One tweet details how out of touch Tiffany is with the real world saying, “Tiffany can’t relate to most of us! Friends and family dying of Covid. Losing jobs, businesses, cars, homes, going hungry, etc. Tiffany has had everything given to her! The average American has not! Tiffany is a typical “Trump!” She’s partying while we struggle.” 


Another user expresses anger as she reminds everyone of the harsh realities that people are still facing because of the pandemic. She says, “I cannot see my daughter who lives 3000 miles away, but you Tiffany Trump can risk spreading the coronavirus all over Florida for your birthday? Over 200,000 Americans have died but you just had to party. Healthcare workers overwhelmed, but hey, YOLO.”

Angry tweets aside, a viral video edited by MeidasTouch helped the #ByeTiffany hashtag gain further momentum. The video cuts between Tiffany’s elaborate birthday party and news footage showing how COVID is impacting regular American Citizens.  The stark contrast between the two emphasizes the difference between realities. The video also points out that quarantine has been going on for so long because people are not complying with CDC guidelines. There are people who are still pretending like the pandemic is over continuing everyday activities without precautions. 

Created during quarantine by the Meiselas brothers, MeidasTouch is a news and digital media company with the goal to “defeat Trump” in the upcoming election. Being experts in their unique fields of legal, marketing and digital media, the brothers have created an online following prepared to defeat Trump by producing videos that “take the oxygen out of his messaging.” If you are wondering why the name ‘Meiselas’ rings a bell, it’s because Ben Meiselas led the lawsuit against Billy MacFarland and FYRE Festival. 

Who Else Is To Blame?

While the hashtag is about Tiffany Trump, one Twitter user points out how it’s obviously more than just Tiffany to blame, “…anyone who engages in these types of behaviors are to blame for our current pandemic climate lasting longer. People having weddings, parties, celebrating Anything with groups of people without masks on and not social distancing are part of the problem.”

The Trump family has been criticized throughout quarantine for their response to the pandemic. The Trumps’ favor for a “mask optional” policy has risked the health and safety of many around them, including themselves. Donald Trump recently contracted COVID, along with wife Melania and son Barron. 

On top of masks being optional, the White House continues to hold large gatherings, despite the CDC advisories. As a result of loose coronavirus precautions among White House events, the President, members of his family and a list of staff members contracted coronavirus. Many of the White House members who tested positive for corona, attended the “superspreader” event on the White House lawn a few weeks ago.  

We also can’t look past other leaders during this pandemic who are not taking it seriously.  Tiffany is technically allowed to do this because all mask and social distancing restrictions were lifted in Florida.  There are no rules for people to follow, so no wonder some want to act like our lives are completely back to normal.

While Tiffany is not the sole reason to blame for COVID lasting as long as it has, she is certainly getting more criticism than other anti-maskers based on her family’s response to COVID.  Tiffany traveling to Miami to have a maskless birthday party was just another example of how the Trumps have acted carelessly, undermining the severity of the coronavirus pandemic.