Tiger King Fans CONFIRM Jeff Lowe is Carole Baskin’s Former Husband?

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So the infamous Tiger King series has rocked the nation of Netflix subscribers stuck at home with tons of free time, and it has also inspired many conspiracy theories that may actually be true.

The internet has been going crazy with ideas on really is the truth for this popular series. In some scenarios, viewers believe that Carole Baskin actually did kill her former husband, which an investigative case has now been reopened. 

But another popular conspiracy theory that began circulating on the internet last week is that businessman or tiger collector himself Jeff Lowe is actually Michael Murdock, the first husband of Big Cat Rescue founder and CEO Carole Baskin. 

To give you a bit of a backstory and if you need a refresher, in 2016, Lowe purchased and reopened the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park from founder Joe Exotic. Joe was actually sentenced to 22 years in prison for charges including a murder-for-hire plot against the infamous Carole Baskin. 

Facebook user Sandee Hunt Brady originally floated this theory in the popular facebook group “Tiger King memes” on March 30. She wrote: My just fun theory: Jeff is Carol’s abusive 1st husband that she paid off to go take Joe down. She rented a mansion and that car to draw him in,” she wrote. “Carol’s daughter looks like him. Look at the picture! It’s him.”

The popular post is based purely on anecdotal, arm-chair evidence behind keyboards—but fans are literally working themselves into a frenzy trying to figure this one out here. 


Her post in detail states:  “Jeff and the fat red head guy even admits they directed Joe to kill Carol. When Joe didn’t do it, they needed him to pay, he didn’t. So Jeff sent his friend and he ‘chickened out’ on purpose. Carol paid them alllll off. All the convicts around him except the guy that lost his arm and the guy with no legs. Jeff even told the cops about the Tiger skulls….yep, because they didn’t have enough to keep him otherwise on the bogus ‘killing plot.’ Carol is ruthless!” Now this post has received more than 1,400 likes and a whopping 4,300 shares. 

Many Twitter users have identified with her theory, noting the similarities between Lowe and Murdock and they started posting about it as well. Others apparently noted that Lowe was previously convicted for assaulting an ex-wife, while Baskin alleged her first husband was physically abusive.

As fans continue to spin elaborate theories about the nefarious subjects of Tiger King, many cast members will get the opportunity to explain themselves on Netflix’s new Joel McHale-hosted aftershow, The Tiger King and I. 

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