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Tik Tok trends have been ending in disaster with local officials warning people not to try the penny or cereal trend sweeping the app.

A lot of viral challenges have been sweeping the nation lately on TikTok, but some have been proving to be quite dangerous.

TikTok has been the craze over the last year. With the app has been rapidly growing with the number of users and is now getting the attention of mainstream media and celebrities who have been jumping on the bandwagon.

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A lot of the challenges that have gone viral include anything from dances to your favorite songs to even trying products, but it looks like some of these are proving to be very dangerous too. And i thought we were done with these after the cinnamon challenge and the tide pod challenge. Come on people- do we not live and learn?

Ss a very important side note- Please do not do try any of these at home- One challenge that has been sweeping the app is called the Penny challenge or the outlet challenge. For this one, you’re supposed to slide a penny down the open slots of an electrical outlet. In some of these situations there have been major sparks and others have gotten electrocuted.

As a result, some are reporting entire power outages to their homes and local officials are saying it’s a major fire hazard too. Many high school students have also been trying this out in their classrooms with cell phone chargers. As a result, many fire departments and concerned parents have put out tweets including – “Can someone please explain to me what the purpose of the Tik Tok Penny Challenge? I mean, do they not understand the basic premise of how electricity works? What is the goal? What do they accomplish? Even local fire departments and news outlets have posted locals in their area not to try the challenge.

But it doesn’t stop there, because of course the internet needs more dumb stuff to try out when they don’t have anything else to do.

Another challenge that has gotten a lot of attention is being called the #cerealbowlchallenge. People are instructed to pour not only cereal but a WHOLE lot of milk into their friend or partners mouth and then eat from it like a bowl of cereal.

In some attempts it looks like this could be a funny challenge and other times it actually does bring a big concern for choking – You think?

From popular YouTuber David Dobrik to more, a lot of people have actually been trying this. But a lot of health officials are concerned that this could lead to a major choking hazard. “Bruh this tok cereal challenge is disgusting reminding me of a video I once saw and pray no one else has to”

Basically, these challenges are proving to be very dangerous and should NOT be attempted even if you are willing to do anything to go viral.