TikTok-er Claims Jake Gyllenhaal is the Worst Celebrity To Wait For

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Hollywood heartthrob, Jake Gyllenhaal, may have his reputation on the line, as a waitress on TikTok took to the app to shed some light about the actor’s dining experiences.

The Brokeback Mountain star is known for being cool, genuine, and relaxed but that may not be the case after a video was posted from an inside perspective on serving Gyllenhaal in a restaurant.

The TikTok-er, Erin Lang, also known as @vinylscar on the app, uses the platform to fill fans in on how their favorite celebrities behave in front of service employees. Her latest celebrity was Jake Gyllenhaal, and less just say, it did not go over well.


In the video she can be heard saying, “Everyone hated waiting on him. Everyone. Not very nice. Really stuck-up. That’s all I really have to say about that. Not a very nice person. Hated when she came in.”

This one stung a little extra, as Gyllenhaal is one of America’s favorite actors, with his charming smile and lovable roles but Lang is not the only one who has had not-so-great experiences with Gyllenhaal. Laura Mesrobian on the app, posted in a since deleted video that the actor was “whiny,” so perhaps Gyllenhaal is not the perfect specimen we had all hoped for. *Sigh*

Not the First

Jake Gyllenhaal is hardly the first celebrity to be called out for bad behavior on the app, as it has become a trend of current and former restaurant employees to review the high-class customers they have had the opportunity to serve.


Lang has reviewed Ryan Seacrest, who she called “engaging” and “really friendly,” which came as a surprise.


She shares several more celeb reviews on her Instagram including Leonardo DiCaprio, Zoe Kravitz, and Michael Cera.

As for Leonardo DiCaprio, Lang calls him “Nice but weird. Asked for things that weren’t on the menu…” and she called Michael Cera a “9/10 and super sweet.”

Other TikTok-ers like Julia Carol Ann, is infamous for talking about almost every high-end celebrity under the sun. Back in July, she posted a video that started it all, while rating celebrities she had waited on in Manhattan. She goes on to give the Hadid sisters a 10 out 10, while the Jenner’s scored much lower for attitude and bad tipping.



We often place celebrities on pedestals because most of us only get to see the beautiful, glamorous side of their lives, but with the rise of TikTok, we are now offered an inside look at the true nature of our favorite actors and musicians. They say you can tell a lot by somebody by the way they treat service employees, and Gyllenhaal is the latest to be revealed.

Do you have any strange experiences with celebrities like Lang and Carol Ann? Let us know in the comments. We want to hear about how Hollywood’s favorites have acted out of the spotlight.

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