TikTok Video Goes Viral After Users Discover A Ghost Town Of Abandoned Mansions

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TikTok has an abundance of haunting videos on its platform that has caught the attention of millions of users. Whether its a girl finding a hidden room behind her bathroom mirror, or another user hearing ghosts in a haunted hotel. The latest video to creep people out is a now viral TikTok posted by user @carriejernigan1, who shared with her followers a video of her passing through what looks like a town straight out of a horror movie.


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The abandoned community is a Branson, Missouri high-end neighborhood known as the Indian Ridge Resort. The neighborhood was meant to be a $1.6 billion development with attractions that included a museum, a 390-room hotel, a shopping mall, golf course and the world’s second-largest indoor waterpark.

After the 2008 financial crisis that ruined the housing market, the extravagant resort never came to be. 5 people involved in the project are now in federal prison for conspiring to commit bank fraud during the project. The original lead developer, Jim Shirato, was fined and sentenced for violating the state and federal clean water law. The ghost town remains untouched 13 years later.

The video now has over 14 million views with many users in the comments feeling unsettled after watching the clip.

“I’ve been here at night and it’s the worst feeling of fear I’ve ever felt. I have nightmares of this place,” one user wrote.

“I’m scared,” another user stated in the comments


On the other hand, many more TikTok users are wanting to purchase one of the bone chilling homes.

One user asked “Where can I buy one of these???”

“So time to buy one and turn it into my dream home,” another wrote.


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