TikTok Fell In Love With Two Analysts While They Covered The Election

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The presidential election has finally finished. After watching the news to see the results, it was clear who the real winners were…election analysts John King and Steve Kornacki. TikTok has shown their love for their hard work and even good looks.

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Across the country, news outlets were in a frenzy trying to keep up with the latest results of the election. The 2020 presidential election has brought out so many voters. The projections were showing President Donald Trump was trailing behind Joe Biden. The last few swings states were sending their results in pieces as they scrambled to get all of them counted.

President Donald Trump was ultimately defeated by President-Elect Joe Biden. However, with all this coverage of the election, it seemed that the analysts were losing more sleep than everyone who was anxious to get the results.

TikTokers made several videos about the election but the unexpected attention TikTok was giving was the love for the political analysts. Two unsung heroes that got the much-needed credit that they deserved was CNN John King and MSNBC Steve Kornacki.

Election Day Frenzy

News outlets across the country were covering every aspect of the election from Election Day on Tuesday till Saturday morning. They worked tirelessly to ensure that all the numbers from the final states and any breaking news were completely up to date.

Although all journalists were acknowledged and appreciated during this time there were two individuals who stuck out the most to people. The internet went crazy for the incredible efforts of Steve Kornacki and John King. For nearly four days straight, both of these men neglected sleep and food for the sake of covering the election.


Steve Kornacki referred to Election Day as his “Olympics” when asked if he was prepared for the amount of coverage. Kornacki was live on television for more than 24 hours before taking his first break. John King only got 6 hours of sleep from Tuesday to Thursday.

Even with the lack of sleep, both men never failed to show their enthusiasm which made everyone appreciate them even more. In the midst of a historic presidential election, the two analysts captivated thousands of people. This in turn led to lots of talk on social media.

By the end of the week, the hashtag SteveKornacki had more than 660,000 views while the hashtag John King had 4.3 million views on TikTok.

Overall, many people agreed that it was one of the most exhausting weeks of the year for the American people, and no one was probably more tired than the journalists covering it.


The TikTok Love

Many TikTokers expressed their concern for the two men after seeing them on air for so long. People questioned how it was possible that they were still functioning.



This TikToker couldn’t stop gushing over John King’s looks. She even commented on his outfit calling it, ‘OUTRAGEOUS’


This person commenting on the question so many had which was about Steve Kornacki’s khakis. He seemed to be wearing the same khakis for the entire week. It was later pointed out that they were in fact a different pair.



This TikTok seemed to have read people’s minds. Users added their input about their disbelief for Kornacki’s stamina.



I just think he’s neat! #stevekornacki #fyp #voteblue #bidenwon

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Steve Kornacki 

Steve Kornacki became a viral sensation during the week of the election. He was nicknamed ‘map daddy’ and ‘Korsnacki’ by people on Twitter. Although he stole the hearts of many people for his looks, a lot of people couldn’t help but notice the analyst’s dedication to covering the election.

The ongoing election coverage was stressful to many people as the vote-counting dragged on till Saturday and Kornacki stayed by his touch screen map the whole way through. MSNBC even addressed concerns about his breaks. They let everyone know they did eventually force Kornacki to take a break.

He provided live-coverage for more than 12 hours much into Wednesday morning. It wasn’t until Thursday evening that he took a small break. Twitter users tweeted out asking if he had even gotten a chance to take a break since it appeared as though the analyst had not changed clothes.

Rachel Maddow cleared up the confusion when she let everyone know Kornacki did in fact change, he just has multiple pairs of the same khakis.

His efforts were noticed through social media even with celebrities. Chrissy Teigen tweeted out after the election saying, “Twitter I know you well and I know you will THROW ASIDE AND FORGET KORNACKI AND I WONT ALLOW IT!”

Even though a winner has been called, votes are still coming in from the remaining states that had not finished counting yet. Kornacki still has some work to do but it won’t be for hours at a time.

John King 

CNN’s John King is a chief national correspondent and 2020 certified ‘chartthrob’ for the presidential election. Like Kornacki, John King was also an election -map guru who spent hours updating the election counts as they came in.

Twitter users would tweet out to CNN to make sure King was taking a break because he was spending hours in front of the election map. In an interview with Vanity Fair, King explained that he actually was enjoying his time at work even though it was long hours.

“Elections are always a challenge, but worth it and then some. Regular exercise is always critical to me—and knowing there could be a long studio stretch, I was mindful for weeks beforehand to try to get more. Nothing fancy—walking on the treadmill, rower, light weights. I’ve been working long hours during COVID,” he wrote to them.

King explained that is his routine to prepare for the long hours on his feet but he understands the importance of choosing someone to be the president.

Between Election Day and Wednesday, he spent up to 14 hours on the air. His home is close to the studio so when he gets the time he goes home to rest as much as he can. He only got two and a half hours of sleep Tuesday night. Overall, he had less than 1o hours of sleep.

The week of the election was stressful for everyone. There were a lot of things going on and people needed something to cheer them up. Many spoke about the light energy the analysts brought to them that made the process easier and less stressful. Hopefully, now that it’s over, they can get more than 10 hours of sleep.

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