These popular kids dolls from LOL and Trolls World Tour are turning into NSFW content when dipped in water & TIkTok parents are demanding the dolls be recalled.

2020 truly is ruining everything we love, even children toys. Apparently these popular kids dolls and secretly scandalous and stirring up controversy. If you weren’t aware, there’s an entire community of parents on TIkTok who share advice, vlogs and parenting tips. Apparently they also fight major toy companies when they make products that aren’t exactly child friendly.

A Hasbro doll was being sold as merchandise from the recent movie Trolls World Tour but parents discovered a questionable feature. There was a button on the bottom of the doll that caused human giggles and squeals to sound off. Many question how this doll got approved, or who at Hasbro needs to rethink their career choice with this creation. This doll was thought up, manufactured and sold to children without anyone stopping to think if this was a good idea.
The doll created a huge amount of outrage online and even sparked a petition to remove the doll with over half a million signatures. Hasbro did eventually pull it from all retailers and addressed the button saying “this feature was designed to react when the doll was seated, but we recognize the placement of the sensor may be perceived as inappropriate. This was not intentionally”. The response was met with excitement from the mom TikTokers who started the movement.

The debate around parents and toy appropriateness doesn’t end here, there’s another popular doll now causing chaos online after parents discovered when she’s dipped in water, the clothing becomes a little more revealing. The dolls are extremely popular among kids, with some labeling them massive competitors to Barbie dolls. The small figures are usually interactive, and the company recently started saying dolls would change outfits when dipped in water, and this is when mysterious undergarments appeared. When LOL Surprise Dolls are dipped in ice water, they reveal what appears to be lingerie and tattoos.

This is coming out right on the heels of the Trolls Doll disaster, so parents online are already on edge and feel like they’ve lost trust in the toy market. Parents feel like kids are being forced to grow up too fast in modern times and now they feel even children’s toys are trying to age them.
Dolls have been revealed to have what appears to be leather straps, pasties, underwear, fish nets, bras and questionable tattoos. Some parents online expressed concern that these dolls were normalizing sexual content to kids at a young age, which could open them up to abuse later in their childhood and some even thought these dolls were a tool created by adults wanted to abuse kids.
One user wrote “LOL Surprise Dolls should really be sued or banned. The symbolism and the subliminal drawings on these dolls are disgusting” and another “so the LOL Surprise Doll thing is real and the surprise has to be that pedo’s are using this trick to lure kids. #save our children”.

Both other people think these moms are just being too sensitive and a toy is a toy, no matter what it’s wearing. One user tweeted “come on people, we grew up with Barbies and GI Joes you took their clothes off and they were naked. I’m guessing in September we will get offended by the weather getting colder” and “why are people so upset with lol surprise dolls?? The fact that you dump them in water they get a bathing suit and socks? Stop sexualizing kids toys you weirdos”.

Some people are just too confused by this toy discovery to even form an opinion. One user tweeted “did y’all see that video with the LOL Surprise Dolls? That caught me off guard so bad that I started dying laughing. Like what the __ were they thinking”.

Honestly that’s all we’re wondering too after this story, what were these toy companies thinking.