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The TikTok teens are trolling again and this time they’re adding all of the merchandise in President Trump’s online store to their carts with no intention of buying any of it, leading to MAJOR problems for the Trump campaign team.

The TikTok teens are at it again with another trend, and no, it’s not another dance craze. These users are combining their online shopping skills with their trolling habits, and the trend has taken over the internet at the President’s expense.

 TikTok users have begun encouraging each other to engage in a tactic called “shopping cart abandonment” where people can fill up thousands of dollars of product in their online shopping carts, but not follow through with purchasing any of it and essentially “abandoning” it.

The result of shopping without purchasing anything skews the retailer’s available inventory data, which then forces the e-commerce market to look at the high abandonment rate to determine if there is a poor user experience or a broken sales funnel. This happens with every online retailer and annually costs the retailers collectively $4 trillion. 

In relation to President Trump’s online store, people are loading up on all things MAGA attire and leaving it in their carts. Users are raking up the bill, sometimes up to millions of dollars, and therefore making it look like there is no inventory on the online store.  

 This trend took off on TikTok and people really were really “shopping” on a mission. 


Thinking about buying some Trump merch 🤔 maybe later. Later-later. #shoppingcartabandonment #trumpcart

♬ Don’t be suspicious – dumbbishsauce


And there were also people on Twitter who did their shopping in Trump’s store but just so happened to get distracted while they were checking out. Oh well, I guess they’ll come back later. 


This is now the second TikTok originated scheme against the Trump campaign, as last week was Trump’s Oklahoma rally where only 6,000 people showed up even though more than one million free tickets had been claimed. TikTok users and K-Pop fans registered for tickets with no intention of showing up to the rally, and it actually resulted in a semi-empty arena.

As for this shopping cart abandonment idea, it has yet to be seen if the trend has had a substantial impact on the campaign, but it definitely makes me think of all the clothes I’ve left in my online shopping cart over the years….

Did you ~purchase~ anything from Trump’s store? What do you think of all this? Let us know!