TikTok Waitress Quits After Customer Refused To Wear A Mask

This video keeps coming up on my timeline many months later
By Samantha Avila

In a video posted by @thetushouse on TikTok, a waitress quits her job on the spot after a customer is shown refusing to wear a mask. In the video, the anti-masker was a woman who argued with both the waitress and the manager of the restaurant. The waitress came up to her and told her calmly to put her mask on to walk inside the restaurant. The customer argued that she would just be walking ‘5 feet’ to her table and did not see the point in putting on a mask.

Staying polite about the situation, the waitress proceeded to tell the customer that she would only be allowed to sit when she wore the mask. The woman continued to argue saying that she had just put on lipstick and wanted to speak with a manager. When the manager comes up to her, he tells her the same.

The waitress, now more frustrated, looks at the woman and tells her, “But it’s people like you who make it difficult for having a job. I don’t get paid enough to be here.” She then takes off her apron and cap, tells the manager that the situation is ‘not even my fault… I just quit. I’m sorry. Thank you, thanks a lot’ and storms out of the restaurant.

At the end of the video, the customer puts on her mask.

@thetushouseThis waitress QUIT on the spot! ##maskholes ##antimaskersbelike ##wearamaskkaren ##waitressproblems♬ original sound – Tus

To date, there have been over 31 million COVID-19 cases in the United States and over 560,000 people have died from the virus. The video has over 21 million views, and is becoming something that is unfortunately common to see. Take this as a reminder to wear your mask, and be kind to essential workers.