TikToker Interrupted by an Active Shooter While Filming Video

This got wild real fast.
By Samantha Avila

Amber Renee, a freelance makeup artist from Philadelphia, was in the middle of filming a TikTok when she was interrupted by sounds of gunfire outside her house.

Renee (@arenee.mua) was filming herself on TikTok, when towards the end of the video gunshots went off. She was immediately caught off guard and went off screen and dove for cover.

Although Renee didn’t realize what was happening when the first shot went off, the second one definitely did. After she dove for cover, she came back to retrieve her phone and the TikTok ended. Check out the video below:


My heart almost came outta my chest 😭

♬ original sound – Areneemua

Her video currently has over 650,000 views and more than 190,000 likes. One of the top comments mentioned that Renee might have been click baiting her viewers.


Another comment on her video pointed out the fact that she went back to grab her phone after realizing what was going on.

According to her website, Renee currently resides in Atlanta and has worked with various music artists, photographers, and elite moguls. She has been awarded many awards, certificates, and recognition for her artistry.

Renee has also launched her own eyelash line, 100% Luxury Mink Eyelash line.