Tinder Match TRICKS Army Of Guys In Insane Stunt

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It feels as if only ten years ago that dating apps were considered the refuge of lonely losers, and now they’re not only socially accepted, but they come in flavors. There’s Tinder, OkCupid, Grindr, Bumble, thousands of other names that sounds as if they’re built to say while you have a mouth full of marbles. That third syllable is a very daring decision OkCupid! But in any case, despite their mainstreamization, the concept of being catfished, tricked, or unsafe on one of these dates is always a possibility. Sure, that’s basically what happened here, but the results are absolutely insane, as Twitter user @bvdhai (or Misha, as he’s name in Russian above his Twitter handle), chronicled in an unforgettable thread.


The Tinder match up seems to have started off pretty normally. You know, someone flirts with you lightly, you flirt back, you get excited, and then they make up some cheap excuse to ghost you, and you go “I accept this cheap excuse, because if I don’t the totality of polite society crumbles”. Still, the story gets weirder, and it isn’t just because the girl actually texted back (spoiler!). No, check it out for yourself.


Uh oh… getting fishy, right? A big crowd? Where there was suppoused to be one girl? Hmm… hmmm! Hmm!!! Let’s keep reading, shall we?

Uh oh!

Uh oh!!!!


That’s right! This New Yorker with, what Misha describes has having “fallopian fortitude” invited dudes from all over Tinder to compete to be her date in some massive competition! Damn, that is incredible! I want to compete in this massive dude battle party! Fighting to the death over a lady! Or competing in some Double Dare challenge. Unfortunately we’ll never know what the actual competition was like, because Misha’s reaction was… well, probably the healthy one, but still, not the one we were hoping for.

Still, he left us with an all important message, and more importantly, snagged a photo of the unreal event!

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