Top Karen Moments of Quarantine

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The “Karen” meme has taken over the internet during coronavirus with people posting video after video of “Karens” making a scene in public. We are here to give you the top Karen moments of quarantine!

“Karens” are women that are entitled and complain about the most unnecessary things. Think of the woman who always says, “can I speak to the manager?” Well the current time with COVID-19 has come with a handful of videos of these “Karens”, and here are our favorites!

Our first video is a woman at Trader Joes. She says she was being harassed for not wearing a mask, which was the store’s policy. She threw her basket down, yelled at people watching, and stormed off. She yelled at people in the store, “you democratic pigs!”. Wearing masks have become more and more political as quarantine goes on.

The next video is in a cafe. This “Karen” got into an argument with a woman who was wearing a mask and was asking her to put one on. Before she left she even coughed in her face! Imagine coughing in someone’s face during a global pandemic? Some people are going too far to try to prove a point.

Another one of our favorite Karen moments of quarantine is at a grocery store. When told she had to be wearing a mask, this woman decided it was a good idea to throw the items in her cart on the floor in protest. We love this one! Throwing a tantrum because you aren’t wearing a mask does not help anyone, especially if you are throwing food on the ground.

Twitter users are using the hashtag “Karens Gone Wild” to talk about all of these crazy videos. Someone tweeted, “Dear Karens, please stop making other white women look stupid and heartless. Sincerely, all the other white women with intellect and empathy.” And comedian Whitney Cummings tweeted, “My heart goes out to all the people who just named their new baby Karen”


We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! And remember to wear a mask. It’s easy and keeps you and your community safe, why wouldn’t you wear one?

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