Toys “R” Us Cancels Bankruptcy Auction, Makes Plans To Return

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Don’t sell Geoffrey the Giraffe to the glue factory just yet! Toys “R” Us, which declared bankruptcy in September of last year, has announced that they’re stopping their planned bankruptcy auction in order to resurrect their Toys “R” Us and Babies R Us brand. You know what that means!? Toyr’us is back, baby! Or, making plans to come back. I was worried I wouldn’t know what massive toy mall my grandkids would be throwing an incredible tantrum in, but thank goodness my fragile little heart is set.

The bankrupcy auction would have sold off gentle Geoffrey the Giraffe, and the brand names, now — no more! According to Canada’s Globe and Mail:

“The bankrupt retailer’s debtors aim to open a new Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us branding company that maintains existing global license agreements and can invest and develop new retail shops.”

Did you hear that!? New Toys “R” Us! Huzzah! Oh Huzzah!


Finally. I don’t have to eat the Geoffrey the Giraffe meat I buy at the auction. Oh huzzah.

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