Transphobic JK Rowling Is Officially Dead To Gigi Gorgeous

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Despite the insane amount of backlash she gets every time, JK Rowling has again done something to get her called transphobic. This time, Rowling promoted a shop, Wild Womyn Workshop, on her Twitter. The shirt she wears seems innocent enough, but a deeper look at the store’s products reveal a much darker truth. This incident seems to be the last straw for Gigi Gorgeous, who said that “Harry Potter” now means “nothing” to her. 

Wild Womyn Workshop sells quite a few explicitly anti-trans items. These items include stickers with explicitly anti-trans messages like “trans-ideology erases women” and pins that read “transactivism is misogyny.” Though Rowling did not feature any of these items, it’s hard to give her the benefit of the doubt. Rowling has repeatedly spoken up against the transgender community, constantly invalidating their experiences and identites. Earlier this month, “RIPJKRowling” was trending on Twitter due to the transphobic undertones of her new novel. She didn’t actually die, but she is dead to many people at this point.

Fans are once again hurt about these comments, but they are no longer surprised. They are just disappointed. One TikToker made a TikTok further explaining the severity of this situation. Referencing Rowling’s villain in the “Harry Potter” series, Tim said, “She who shall not be named is getting a little dangerous.” Tim continued, “JK Rowling is not an ally! You cannot pick and choose which members of the community you want to be an ally for.” 

Gigi Gorgeous is also speaking up. She is a transgender YouTuber, socialite, actress, and model. She spoke out against Rowling in a recent clip shared by TMZ. She said, “Harry Potter meant something to me earlier, and now it means nothing to me… J.K. Rowling is an iconic author… but in my eyes now she’s dead because she doesn’t honor my community and people that I call brothers and sisters.” 


As expected, Twitter also had a lot to say about this new JK Rowling incident. One user summed up his feelings very succinctly, tweeting “JK Rowling is EVIL.” Another tweet shows a picture of a license plate with the letters LGB. The caption, originally in Spanish, translates to “JK Rowling’s car.”

One Twitter bot account posted a graphic explaining frustration with Rowling. The caption reads, “JK Rowling can go roll off a mountain kthanks.” 

One Twitter user wrote a little poem with help from “The Good Place.” The tweet reads, “Roses are red #JKRowling is a TERF If she keeps tweeting” before showing a picture of Maya Rudloph’s character from “The Good Place.” The picture shows Rudolph dancing and has a caption at the bottom that says “Gonna erase the Earth erase the Earth.” 


Some fans are still finding themselves surprised over Rowling’s transphobia, saying stuff like “JK Rowling isn’t even trying to hide her hatred of trans people anymore i- i’m in shock.”

But not all are against Rowling. Though she gets a lot of backlash each time she posts something transphobic, she also always gets a lot of support. Belinda de Lucy, former member of the EU Parliament and Brexit supporter, wrote, “Thank you for everything. You had the courage to protect the most vulnerable of women and girls when so many Feminists had deserted them. Despite all the abuse you held firm. You are a true inspiration to my four daughters.” 

A different user took to mocking the people hating on JK Rowling, writing “what will jk rowling do if unpopular authors stop referencing harry potter in books no one ever reads.” The tweet also includes a shocked, gasping face emoji at the end. Below the caption are four pictures of authors commenting on a tweet from Phil Stamper, saying that they wrote Rowling or “Harry Potter” out of their books.

Surprisingly, despite early negative reviews, Rowling’s new novel “Troubled Blood” is selling well. Yes, the one with transphobic undertones that started a whole trending hashtag. According to a Daily Mail article, “Troubled Blood” sold over 60,000 copies in just five days and has risen to the top of the book charts. 

Perhaps her legacy is too strong and she can never feel the effect of “cancel culture” or maybe there are just enough readers who agree with her message. Either way, her book sold fantastically well even after a hashtag explaining why she was transphobic trended. Guess there really is no such thing as bad press for Rowling.

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