3 Reasons Why Most People Won’t Ever Play at Land Casinos Again

Are these enough reasons for you?

If you’ve ever played a nail-biting card game with your family or friends and actually won, you’d remember the excitement and satisfaction of that moment. Add in winning some actual cash, and the excitement turns to pure and unabashed exhilaration. 

If we looked at the history of gambling, we might be astonished to learn that the earliest evidence of gambling goes as far back as 2300BC when Ancient Chinese tiles that were believed to be used in gambling games, were unearthed. Gambling is part of our history and actual genetic code.

The Casinò di Venezia, in the city of Venice, is believed to be the first casino ever built in 1638. Since then, land-based casinos have popped up all over the world. People have always loved them. The glitz and glamor, live musical performances and the allure of movie stars to these places have always kept people coming back for more.

In the modern world however, it’s hard to imagine a life without the internet. When you realize that new generations literally don’t know a world without it, we tend to lean towards the reality that online gambling is the way forward. So let’s look at 3 reasons why we believe most people will never gamble in a land casino again.

1. Better bonuses

Show me a person who doesn’t like the sound of a freebie, a bonus, free cash, or a prize and I’ll show you pigs really can fly! The idea of getting something extra is an excitement everyone can relate to especially if they’re geared towards boosting your chances in the casino.

Besides having the ability to pause a game and carry on later, online gambling comes with a lot of financial perks in the form of high bonuses and promotions. No deposit casinos offer better benefits than land-based casinos – fact. Online casino bonuses make it possible for people to earn free money, spins and often, instant cash back. 

Land based casinos often have loyalty programs that reward regular gamblers. However, it’s usually related to how much money you spend. With online casinos, you can get loyalty rewards no matter what the size of your wager is. They also offer amazing promotions for new players.

2. Comfort

Online gambling can actually save you money because you don’t have to drive long distances to land casinos and spend money on flights and or gas! It not only makes gambling so much easier because you can now do it from the comfort of your home, but it also comes with zero distractions. Online casinos make it possible for us to enjoy a game anytime and anywhere.

Land based casinos are limited by floor space, yet online gambling opportunities are endless due to its vastly superior selection of online games. For a long time, online casinos couldn’t offer the same atmosphere as land-based counterparts, but with the introduction of Live Dealer games, you can now have a professional host at your disposal, enhancing the online experience. 

3. No contact with other players

We all have had days where we don’t want to get out of bed to make the drive to our favorite casino, but with the outbreak of the Coronavirus, and the closure of casinos all over the world, people now have very little choice to leave their homes unless their job is considered essential. 

Exactly how to implement social distancing at a casino is unknown.

The Coronavirus is known as the invisible killer because this virus, which is transmitted through human contact, infects and debilitates the respiratory systems of its victims. As a result, thousands of people are dying and economies all over the world are suffering. Because some people are asymptomatic, they can inadvertently infect others, so health officials all across the globe are encouraging people to stay home for fear of overwhelming health care systems.

Even though some politicians are currently debating whether the closure of businesses is necessary, and some people are eager to get back to work, a lot of people are not willing to take that chance. The urgent outcry of health workers pleading with people to stay home is making most people rethink their habits.

People don’t want to be around other people right now and no one knows when the world will have a handle on this disease. Until then, the idea of being in a confined place like a casino, where people are eating and drinking together, is completely off-putting to most. 

With the arrival of social distancing as a preventative measure to infection, and health officials still without a vaccine, we just don’t see how land-based casinos will ever be appealing again.