Trend Trials: Hot Cheetos Edition

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Hot Cheetos. When they’re not being shilled by a big try hard cheetah who looks like he was born to fight in a war alongside Joe Camel, they’re being used ironically in our most delicious recipes. We’re talking Hot Cheetos Pizza, Hot Cheetos Poke Burritos, Hot Cheetos Ice Cream, and there was even a Cheetos Pop-Up Restaurant in New York once upon a time!

This leaves us with have only one choice… we have to eat the entirety of all of these incredible Cheeto snacks. We have two wonderful people here to eat all these little crunchy bits of cheesy goodness – Shira Lazar, and our special guest, Lenay Chantelle.

So, what does this duo think of this insane amount of Cheetos and dry snacks and whatnot? You’ll have to check out the video above! Watch and live through our two hosts’ taste buds! Oh, Hot Cheetos! What don’t you go well with?

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