What Is An S.W.G. and Why Does Ryan Higa Want One So Badly?

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    In the intro to his latest video, YouTube icon Ryan Higa shows a parody of Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” video and wonders aloud with his buddy, Golden, why rap songs always praise “bad girls.”

    He then launches into an original song of his own, in praise of the opposite of bad girls – sweet, wholesome gals who dress modestly, don’t have sex before marriage and just like hanging out at home watching TV. (The S.W.G. featured in the video itself is singer Kina Grannis.)

    The song has proved controversial in Higa’s own comment section, with many of his viewers hoping for a return to the comedy sketches that once provided the bulk of his channel’s content.

    Abzy7 complains:

  • S w g   official music video    youtube 2

    Still, most commenters enjoyed the video and enjoyed the difference in theme and tone from typical rap songs.

  • S w g   official music video    youtube 2