This Son Gave His Parents the ULTIMATE Christmas Gift

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    YouTuber Joey Trombone used Christmas 2014 as an opportunity to pay off his parents’ mortgage, meaning that they own their home free and clear. Fortunately for us, he also had the foresight to set up a camera, so we could see their reaction to his remarkable gesture.

    (It’s very sweet. They both cry. Then you cry. You know, if you experience human emotion.)

    143,000 people have already seen the video on YouTube, and the tie-in post on Joey’s Facebook page has been liked nearly 500 times.

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    The video’s been posted all over the Reddit community, which took a break from arguing about net neutrality and libertarian atheism to celebrate a genuinely heart-warming holiday moment. Kind of like Fox News postponing their usual Friday night line-up to show “Frosty the Snowman.” It’s doing particularly well in the r/aww community, where it has almost 4200 upvotes, despite not featuring a single overweight cat. (Though Dad’s goatee is pretty rocking, we must admit.)

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    The video’s actually still unlisted on Joey’s channel, but once he publishes for real, it will be his biggest YouTube hit to date. He previously filmed members of his family talking to the camera during Thanksgiving dinner.