Patrick Stewart is Wearing a Dancing Hat

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    Do they know it’s Christmas? I don’t see how they could possibly avoid this knowledge, considering “X-Men” franchise star Patrick Stewart’s current choice of headwear.

    The normally sophisticated personality – who, we should remind you, was knighted by the Queen of England back in 2010 – was filmed in the lit-up, all-singing, all-dancing Santa gear by his wife, Sunny Ozell, and though his participation in the nonsense seems begrudging at first… he can’t help but get into the holiday spirit after a while. Along with the nearly 500,000 YouTube fans have celebrated Yuletide by watching the video in the last 24 hours.

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    He clearly wasn’t being TOO MUCH of a Grinch about the whole thing, tweeting the video out to his 1.6 million followers with the text: “Merry Christmas!”

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    This is not the first candid moment with PatStew we’ve enjoyed online thanks to Sunny Ozell’s amazing YouTube channel. In August of 2013, she posted this clip of the (possibly intoxicated?) actor demonstrating the rare and dangerous “quadruple take” technique. Truly, as you can see, her buns ARE the best.