Fails of the Week: Shoplifter Falls From Ceiling, Girls Hit By Car

  • What is it about people falling and mildly injuring themselves on the internet that’s so fascinating? Today we had two examples of people being reckless, spectacularly failing and walking away with just a few bumps and bruises, and for some reason we couldn’t get enough of them. Maybe we’re just bad people.

    The first instance took place in Poland, where a shoplifter tried to escape police by climbing up to the ceiling. Just FYI, flourescent lights aren’t designed to hold a person’s weight.

    The other incident took place in East St. Louis, when a woman apparently responded to an argument with several other women by getting into her car and running them over. Amazingly, they only got minor injuries from the collision – which means it’s perfectly fine to post it to the internet for our entertainment, I guess?