PornHub’s Christmas Ad is All About Family

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    Holiday commercials are getting weird.

    Earlier this week we had this emotionally manipulative German ad about a grandfather who fakes his own death to force his family to hang out with him on Christmas Day. Now we have another fictional grandfather with a much simpler need. That need is porn.

    This sad old man is depressed amid all the holiday cheer around him until his grandson (I assume) gives him a gift card for PornHub’s Premium Gifting Service – a present that brings the grandfather to tears of joy.

    You’d have to be pretty coldhearted not to be moved by this emotional ad – unless you’re a relatively normal person who finds this kind of gross and weird.

    Still, the cleverness of the advertising has caught the internet’s attention – including Reddit, which has been inventing elaborate backstories about why the old man is so happy to get porn for Christmas.

    Our host Jay Walker has more:

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