Plumber’s Truck Sold to ISIS, Complete With Logo and Phone Number

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    All Mark Oberholtzer wanted was a good deal on his used truck, and now he has to deal with phone calls from people accusing him of supporting ISIS.

    If you haven’t caught this story before, Oberholtzer owns a plumbing company in Houston, Texas. Like many small businesses, he drove a truck with the name and phone number of his business on the door.

    Mark traded in his truck to an AutoNation dealer in October 2013. He says that he was going to take the logo off the truck, but that the dealership promised they would do that for him.

    They did not remove it. Instead, they sold the truck at an auction, where it was bought by car dealer Maz Auto. Maz Auto then sold it online. To ISIS. Yes, that ISIS.

    Images of Mark’s truck being driven through the desert by ISIS fighters with a big machine gun rigged to the back, with Mark’s company name and phone number still on the door, went viral last year. It was even featured on the last episode of “The Colbert Report.”

    Oberholtzer says he’s received thousands of threats and angry phone calls since then. He’s now suing the car dealership that sold his truck for lost income and damages to his company.