Southern Mom Blows Up Kids Mattresses Because Drugs

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  • Southern momma Deborah Smith has had it with her kids doing drugs and coming home hungover, so she did what she thought was the best thing to do: blow up and burn her kids’ mattresses.

    As a result of this insane video, Deborah has officially lost custody of her two youngest children. It turns out this isn’t the first time she’s had an outburst like this. Just a year ago, she shot her son’s phone with a rifle.

    After the second video, someone called the Coweta County Social Services, who came out and asked Smith to sign a “safety plan” saying she would not use firearms in front of her children. Smith refused saying it was a violation of her first and second amendment rights, and her children were seized.

    Smith has five children in total, all of whom are adopted. She says “she hopes the boys get into a program that will help them through their drug addictions before it’s too late,” adding, “They’re at the cusp of being 17 years old, where it goes from being juvenile offenses to adult offenses. I just don’t know where it’s gonna end. I don’t want them to die.”

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