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  • Christal McGee was messing around with the Snapchat speed filter when she got into a serious accident that could have killed her, her three passengers, and the couple in the car she hit!

    McGee decided to take her dad’s Mercedes Benz out for a joyride when she got the bright idea to use the Snapchat speed filter. In an attempt to try and make the filter register the car travelling at 100 MPH, Christal hit a Mitsubishi after topping a speed of 107 MPH. On top of that she snapped yet another photo of herself with the caption “Lucky to be alive.”

  • Mcgee
  • The driver of the other vehicle, Maynard Wentworth, suffered permanent brain damage and can no longer contiue working as an Uber driver. He’s not just suing McGee either, he’s also suing Snapchat as well. The civil complain alleges Snapchat as equally responsible for the crash because it still retained the speed filter despite the filter having cause car accidents before.

    The app does warn users to not “snap and drive,” but based on McGee’s actions, clearly no one is listening.