Let’s Talk Conspiracy Theories on This Week’s What’s Trending Podcast!

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  • There’s a conspiracy theory for literally everything that exists and that’s what we ended up talking on this week’s What’s Trending Podcast!

    Things started off political in our Facebook live comments with questions about Ted Cruz. For those who may not be up on their politics (how could you not, this is an election year), Cruz dropped out of the presidential race, making Donald Trump the presumptive Republican candidate.

    At this point only John Kasich is standing against Trump, bit his numbers are so far behind there is little chance he will ever catch up. That is unless for some insane reason, Trump drops out of the race giving Kasich the nomination.

    There’s a conspiracy theory for you.

    After a heavy political conversation, things shifted to a much lighter tone with a question about the best Starbucks drink. Recently, a young woman had posted an image of a Starbucks cup that went viral. On the front of the cup was her name Anne while when looking through the cup the name read Julia.

    Somehow, the question about coffee gave way to a lesson in the word Butcher, and it’s misuse via Jarrett.

    “I always thought it was interesting like Butcher used in the colloquial sense is you know, used to mean like wanton slaughter, but butchering is like a really careful practice, respectful act.”

    Steering the conversation back to politics (sort of) another user asked our guests if they would be comfortable with a world government along with a world currency. Jonathan believes world currency is possible, while Jarrett pointed out that it might be already considering most banking is done electronically.

    Which spiraled into yet another conversation about conspiracy theories, and the theory that people crave conspiracy rather than facing the thought of an infectious idea and how easily led humanity can be.

    A question about transgender restrooms brought the conversation back to current events. Recently Target enacted an open policy regarding restrooms, allowing transgender individuals to use the restroom in which they identify with. The policy has caused conservatives to protest Target under the guise that pedophiles would surely abuse this policy to access child victims.

    The conversation then jumped around from KFC flavored nail polish, Caitlyn Jenner posing nude with her Olympic medals, Presidential campaigns that could have been (we’re looking at you Elizabeth Warren), and the effect of social media on politics.

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