George Zimmerman Tries to Auction Gun That Killed Treyvon Martin

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  • George Zimmerman, who was exonerated in a gross miscarriage of justice in the shooting of Treyvon Martin, has decided to double down on being the worst human being ever by auctioning off the gun he killed the 17-year old with.

    Thankfully, the auction was removed from Gun Broker, where Zimmerman had planned to sell the weapon.

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  • According to the BBC, Zimmerman announced in an online post that the money from the auction would be used to “fight the Black Lives Matter movement and oppose Democrat Hillary’s Clinton’s presidential campaign.”

    He even claimed the Smithsonian offered to purchase the gun, something the Smithsonian vehemently denies. Bidding was set to begin on today, starting at $5,000.

    Treyvon Martin’s family lawyer stated “it is insulting to this family that he would decide that he would sell the gun that he killed their child with.”

    It truly is. Thankfully the auction is down, so Zimmerman (who has been arrested multiple times since killing Treyvon Martin) will not be able to further profit from the crime.