Shia LaBeouf HITCHHIKES Across America!

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  • Shia LaBeouf teams up with Ronkko and Turner for yet another art project!

    This project called the #TAKEMEANYWHERE project is being sponsored by the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Finnish Institute in London.

    It’s pretty simple, from this point until June 23rd, the trio will be hitchhiking across America with no destination in mind. Everyday at 12PM, the group is going to tweet out their location and anyone who happens to be in the area can come and pic them up.

    The group started out in Boulder, Colorado, and so far have only made it to Cheyenne. You can actually keep track of their progress on a map that shows their location.

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  • A YouTube creator named Dan Raschitz recorded the first trip taken by the intrepid group.

    Like the awesome passengers that they are, they offered to pitch in for gas and food. A spokesperson for the project stated the group is “opening themselves up to goodness or possibly the corrupt nature” of people. “It’s about openness and exploration and connecting to people.”

    Of course they could end up in a very dangerous situation, but I doubt there’s someone out there who would be dumb enough to try anything.