Man Spends Minute Poking Priceless Clock, Is Surprised When It Breaks

  • A man visiting the National Watch and Clock Museum in Pennsylvania spent a solid minute getting all handsy with an expensive, one-of-a-kind clock, only to exhibit what appears to be genuine surprise when said clock fell off the wall.

    Seriously, watch this video and tell me how this guy thought literally anything else would happen:

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  • As YouTube commenter Ani MM puts it, “He more than touches it. He got to like third base.” Can’t disagree with you, Ani. If that clock were a person and he married it, Mrs. Clock would still consider his level of contact with it too intimate. He explored that clock like he thought there was a secret button hidden on it that would give him his hair back. He knows that clock like he invented his own major in clock-ology and this was his thesis defense. What I’m saying is, he touched that clock a lot, and he should be ashamed.

    What do you think? Is this guy an all-around dumdum, or should we be allowed to touch stuff in museums? Let us know!