Lithuania Holds (Surprisingly Cute) Goat Beauty Pageant

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  • Quick, name something Lithuanian! Did you say “basketball legend Arvydas Sabonis”? Or maybe “that one inspirational social experiment ad about people reading racist messages to their friends?” Probably not, but what if you did? That’d make me look like a mind-reader.

    No, more likely you said “I dunno, which one is Lithuania,” because the education system has failed you. Lithuania is a small Northern European country located on the Baltic sea, making it (along with Latvia and Estonia) one of the Baltic States. And today, it’s the subject of international curiosity for its sexy, sexy goats.

    The small town of Ramygala, Lithuania held its seventh annual goat pageant recently, and people across the world are thoroughly entertained. Here’s the original video from Reuters:

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  • Okay, as you can see from the video, the goats aren’t “sexy” — just especially well-groomed and well-behaved. You can laugh at the proud people of Ramygala all you want, but think about it: is this any weirder than the Westminster Dog Show? At least the Lithuanians have fun music and costumes, and don’t take themselves so creepily seriously.

    This year’s winner was a goat by the name of Demyte, also known as “Little Spot.” Good job, Demyte! Block out them haters!

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